Rautuki-Säätiö sr (Rautuki Foundation)

The Rautuki Foundation is a non-profit foundation founded in 1953 to support the well-being of VR’s employees and retirees (and their family members). In practice, it means benefits for exercise, well-being and holidays.

Who are eligible for benefits?

  •  VR Group employees
  •  Employees who have retired from VR Group companies


The most important form of activity of the Rautuki Foundation is to support the well-being of VR’s employees.

The Rautuki Foundation supports the well-being of its personnel in co-operation with Epassi Oy and the VR Group.

A VR employee receives support automatically when working in a VR Group unit and the employment relationship lasts for more than 4 months.

Through the service maintained by Epassi, VR employees can visit thousands of sports and cultural venues with support. Through the service, you can also participate in mass events, such as Helsinki City Run and Finlandia Skiing. Standard services are also available through Eazybreak.

More information on the Epassi website.

Holiday resorts

The Rautuki Foundation owns several well-maintained and well-equipped holiday apartments that VR employees can book for use at an affordable cost. The price includes final cleaning, towels and linen in all areas.

In domestic resorts, the price includes destination-specific benefits from lift tickets to spa access. Explore destinations on the “Lomakohteet” tab.

Who can use the resorts?

The booking must be done by VR Employee or retiree. Family members and friends are also welcome.

How to prove the right to use resorts?

  • Employees prove their right to book with their personal identification number. You can find it on the ID card.
  • Retirees prove their reservation rights with a retiree’s card number.

How do I book a resort?

– Go to “lomakohteet” -> select destination -> you find green box “katso varaustilanne”

– You can book as many holiday weeks as you want.

– You can book as many apartments as you want.

– Pay for your holiday at the time of booking.

– The booking confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

What if I have to cancel my reservation?

– Send the booking confirmation by e-mail with the words “cancellation” to rautuki@vr.fi

– Cancellations must be made before the start of the holiday

– Cancellation fee:

  • 30 € if you cancel more than a week before the start of your holiday.
  • 100 € if you cancel less than a week before the start of your holiday.

– The money will be automatically returned to the account / card for which it was paid.

– Returns usually take 2-3 business days.


We warlmy welcome you to enjoy a quality holiday at an affordable price!